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As many as needed to successfully deliver your message—both on time and on budget. Whatever the challenge, we have a solution to meet your needs. From fully customized campaigns, to semi-custom toolkits, to a “DIY” solution, we’ll breathe new life into your benefits communications.


Check out our case studies to see how the right message delivered in the right way to the right audience at the right time can lead to meaningful results.

They strive to understand our organization’s culture and values in order to deliver the right solutions for our communications challenges.

-Vice President, Human Resources, large hospital system

Blog: Our Wisdom

To Email or Not to Email

One of my clients recently asked me to make sure that all of her written communications used either “email” or “e-mail.” All consistency of style had been lost in a flurry of internal stakeholders reviewing and editing multiple drafts, leaving a mishmash of “emails”... read more

A Benefits Communication Parable

Way back, when I was new to benefits communication, I hardly had any idea what I was getting involved with. Old timers tried to warn me that this niche tested the ability, skills and will of the best in the communications field. Properly communicating to employees the... read more

Are Your Employees Nervous about ACA Repeal?

A keystone of President Trump’s campaign was getting rid of the Affordable Care Act. Even before he took office last week, speculation about what might happen to the law was ubiquitous in the media. For most employers, it’s probably too early to address the ACA within... read more

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Did you know that we’re award winning?

That’s right! Last year, our team took home 10 awards for our work from places like the Ragan Employee Benefits Communications Awards and the Marcom Awards, to name a few.

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Check out our article in the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism (IHC)!

Two members of the Trion Communications team were featured in IHC to offer their thoughts about how you can use communications to redefine consumerism.

Read it here! Using Communications to Redefine Consumerism

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