It’s time you give your employees a show. Dim the lights, make some popcorn, let them sit back and get ready to be dazzled by your next big blockbuster. That’s right, your blockbuster video. Presenting your internal communications as short, narrated videos is a great way to reach your employee population.

Why choose video for your next benefit communication campaign? Not only are employees expecting it, but video aids comprehension, ensures compliance and it allows for a speedy consistent delivery of your message.

65% of the population prefers a visual approach to learning and 30% prefer an auditory approach. With video communications, theoretically, you can reach 95% of your audience! That’s great, right?

Video content delivery platforms make compliance easier too! Many content delivery platforms allow administrators to track and see just who is watching — and how long they watch — the video presentations. Now you can ensure compliance and be certain EVERYONE has seen your message.

But, just because you can force employees to watch the video, doesn’t mean you can skimp on creating an entertaining production. A best practice is to create a video that entertains and informs the audience. Keep things light and impersonal. Professional, but with some personality!

The length of the video is also an important consideration. For optimal engagement, try to stay between 3-6 minutes. If your video is too long, you may need to consider an alternate form of communication.

Of course, cost is an important consideration! But, due to improving technology, the cost to produce video communication has become extremely reasonable. With costs coming down, it’s fast becoming an important facet of employee benefits communication.

At Trion we specialize in creating video solutions. We have created dozens of successful video campaigns for many of our clients that generate excellent response rates with their employee population. Check out some of our sample videos at: If you need more information, reach out and contact us. We would love to help you kick off a new video-driven campaign!

Written by Aaron Roshong

Aaron creates design concepts that use our clients’ unique style guidelines and branding to visually engage their employees. He also creates custom marketing designed to engage new business prospects, and oversees our graphic design team, providing art direction and design for all media.

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