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In today’s world, the majority of people try to conform to what they are told is “normal.” We are constantly told how we should look and act through multiple media outlets. We are taught to have original ideas, but not to let those ideas stray too far from this so-called “normal.”

By trying to fit into the dull world of normal, however, we miss out on the beauty of being an individual.  We all look, think, and feel differently. We can’t expect a circle to meet the requirements of a square. But to be normal, this is exactly what is expected of us.

Ryder loves sporting unique hairstyles.

Ryder loves sporting unique hairstyles.

My nephew Ryder is my inspiration on embracing my individuality. In his short 8 years of life, Ryder has had multiple different hairstyles. He’s had hair past his waist, which made many people mistake him for a girl. He’s had blue Mohawks and rainbow hair. He now rocks the galaxy look (shown in the photo above), with a shaved hair patch in the shape of a heart. He’s never once cared what people have said or whispered about him. He always says, “I don’t care. This is me and I like who I am.”

As a marketer, I think about Ryder and the other people in the world like him. I want to be able to reach them and express my message to them. As a marketer, however, I also see the challenge in reaching the people who aren’t like him — the people who are afraid to be themselves and let their true colors shine through.

I want to reach them and, hopefully, give them the confidence to be who they truly are. There is no such thing as normal, and that’s part of what makes life worth living.

Samantha Causland is a senior marketing student at Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, PA. The aspect of marketing she’s most interested in is consumer behavior and understanding how to position products so that they appeal to the consumer. Samantha aspires to be the head of a marketing team one day, but for now is looking forward to graduating and landing her first position with a great marketing team.

Written by Trion Interns

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