My experience as a Trion Marketing and Communication intern was absolutely amazing! The tools I learned will benefit me for the rest of my life.

As I’m wrapping up my final week here, it’s funny to think what could have been if I didn’t decide to work at Trion this summer. To be honest, Trion wasn’t my first choice among the places I was looking to do my internship. I sent in my resume in at my aunt’s and my mom’s request. I just couldn’t really wrap my mind around the idea of a brokerage firm having a communications and marketing team.

My university held a career fair back in March. I applied to several marketing agencies and I got a huge response back. I chose one from all my options and decided to visit and train there over my spring break. Turns out, I didn’t really like it — it was more sales than marketing.

I felt stuck. I felt like I already committed to this place I really didn’t see myself at. But, my mom didn’t raise a quitter, so I kept telling myself, “You have to follow through. You can’t back out now.”

After about three weeks of trying to convince myself I made the right decision, my aunt called me and told me that the HR staff from Trion was trying to reach me for an interview. I was so relieved, but at the same time I felt even worse, thinking I couldn’t pursue this amazing opportunity.

I immediately called my mom for some advice and asked her, “What do I do? I already committed to this other place.”

She said, “Sam, opportunities like this don’t come very often. You need to at least go to the interview and see what it’s all about.”

So I went to the interview, and I fell in love with a company that wasn’t even among my top contenders.

My experience this summer at Trion was one to truly remember. I was treated as an equal part of the team and not just an intern. I couldn’t imagine spending my summer anywhere else. As I begin to say my goodbyes, I want to say thank you to the most amazing people I got to work with this summer. It was truly a blessing. What all of you have taught me will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you and the best of luck to all of you!

Samantha Causland is a senior marketing student at Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, PA. The aspect of marketing she’s most interested in is consumer behavior and understanding how to position products so that they appeal to the consumer. Samantha aspires to be the head of a marketing team one day, but for now is looking forward to graduating and landing her first position with a great marketing team.

Written by Trion Interns

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