Open Enrollment Toolkit

Open Enrollment Toolkit

Enrollment Communications Toolkit

Introducing a new medical plan? Changing dental carriers? Our open enrollment toolkit makes it easy to get your employees onboard.

Our eight-piece open enrollment toolkit provides all the information your employees need—including key dates, what’s changing, tips for choosing the right medical plan, and more—to help them make smart choices for the year ahead.

This toolkit includes the following components. All are pre-written, pre-designed, and ready to be personalized with your organization’s logo.

  • Announcement poster
  • Announcement postcard/e-card
  • Newsletter
  • Enrollment Guide
  • Meeting poster
  • PowerPoint template
  • Employee educational flyer
  • Open enrollment e-card reminder

Open Enrollment Toolkit

Written by Mike Turko

Mike is a senior graphic designer at Trion. He specializes in communicating ideas through both print and digital design mediums. Mike also works to develop custom, interactive digital marketing campaigns that effectively engage a variety of employee audiences.

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