Spread the Wellness

Spread the Wellness

The subject of wellness has become increasingly prominent over recent years, particularly in the workplace. The use of the term has sparked conversations and focused efforts on the importance of maintaining overall health and wellness—and for good reason. Corporations and small businesses alike have made it a priority to provide the resources and information to help promote wellness within the workforce, but it’s important to take a step back and think about how you can effectively take care of your employees—not just in terms of their health, but in terms of how you talk to them.

Wellness isn’t just for your employees – it should be considered in all areas, including your employee communications. We applaud you for focusing on your employee’s wellness, but it’s time to spread the love.

How? Perform a biometric screening on your communications! As your employees schedule their annual screenings, arrange the like for your communication strategy. While they track cholesterol levels and ensure necessary vaccines and preventive care services are up-to-date, your team can perform the same type of check-up on your communications plan. Take a little time to assess the effectiveness of your strategy, and keep content fresh and messages relevant. Establish goals for your communication plan, just like employees do with their own wellness, such as rolling out an internal wellness newsletter or increasing attendance at a wellness fair.

Employee benefits are an integral part of your team’s overall well-being, and that should be reflected in the way you communicate them. Help your communications be well with the following tips:

  • Be available. Oftentimes employees don’t get their questions answered simply because they don’t know who to ask or how. Ensure that they have the necessary contact information and resources readily available to help your employees navigate open enrollment and other benefits decisions or processes that affect them and their families.
  • Follow through. Be attentive and consistent with your communications. Provide periodic reminders, rather than just one-off announcements for important dates and deadlines, and extend your benefits education and information efforts beyond just an open enrollment period or new hire process.
  • Get feedback. Provide your employees with an opportunity to share their own thoughts and suggestions. After all, they are the audience your messages need to get to, so check in with them to get an idea of what they think works and doesn’t. Try releasing an electronic survey or even host a focus group over bagels and coffee in the office. (I know in our office, snacks are always a hit!)
  • Be open-minded. It’s easy to shy away from change and find yourself (or in this case, your communications strategy) settled into routine practices or recycled content. But, things change and it’s important to recognize that. Your go-to strategy may no longer be the smartest or most effective – take advantage of today’s technology and consider alternate communication channels to successfully reach your audience. (Interested in getting social? Check out these tips)

We know your employees are your number one priority, but make it a point to give your communications a chance to “get well” too!

Written by Tarin Dooley

Trion Communications tarin.dooley@trion-mma.com