Olympic Goals

Olympic Goals

Inspiration is in the air. The world’s best athletes have gathered in Rio to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games for a coveted spot on the podium and some hardware to bring home for their country. The Olympic rings are currently splattered over television screens and billboards everywhere you turn. Brands from CocaCola to Chobani have claimed their own Olympian spokespeople to bring their campaigns to the next level.

My personal favorite part of the Olympics is when the network takes a break from the competition footage to play a back-story or interview with an athlete. It is always interesting to get an idea of who the athlete is as a person and the journey they have been through to get the Games. There is certainly something to be learned from a person who has clearly put in the time and effort to become one of the world’s best at something.

The Olympic phenomenon is built upon the pillars of hard work, dedication and pride in your nation. The competition showcases an incredible 17 days of athleticism, determination, sweat, tears and smiles that is inspirational to say the least. As viewers, we can ride this wave of inspiration and take it on through our personal lives and even into the office.

Nobody made it to the podium by accident. Goals were set. Training plans were established. Dedication and motivation must work together for a desired achievement.

So now it’s your turn – set a goal, determine a plan to reach that goal, and follow through. And you don’t have to start with moving mountains. This goal can be as simple as finally organizing that overflowing file cabinet or as complex as launching a newly designed wellness campaign.

If you start small, you’ll likely find yourself continuing with a series of small improvements that can result in something even greater. The active process of goal-setting keeps you on your toes, and encourages your mind, body, life and company to continue evolving.

So as you tune into a swimming final or some prime time gymnastics, think about how you can get inspired to go for the gold yourself!

Written by Tarin Dooley

Trion Communications tarin.dooley@trion-mma.com