Think Beyond Your Normal: Develop Your Own Creative Process

Think Beyond Your Normal: Develop Your Own Creative Process

Welcome to our new blog! The first topic I wanted to talk about is creativity, or better yet, the process of becoming creative. You know that term you think about when you want to come up with ideas to change up your living room, finally sit down to write that exciting novel, or even effectively communicate benefits to your employees. It’s sometimes painstaking to think about, but can be an essential part of everything we do. Whether you start by not having any idea at all, or you have an idea and don’t know where to start—just let it happen! This is how we all begin when trying to come up with something new and different.

Creativity is not a skill, or something that you can be taught—it is digging into YOU and pulling out those imaginative thoughts that are already there. Having a Graphic Design background, I am always looking for new ways to come up with simple and engaging communications. I have come to realize that finding your creative self takes effort in thinking outside of your ordinary comfort zone. It requires exploring new and different ways of doing things. Don’t be scared, just do it—say the idea out loud or write it down and make it real. It can possibly work to your advantage in the end.

My creative process is finding inspiration from people I talk to and places I visit, and jotting down information (whatever comes to mind) that I may or may not use. The point is that it is important to take note of things you come across because you never know when or where they may be useful. Working at Trion, I have learned to think more openly and freely about how to approach my everyday tasks and how to apply my creative process to help communicate employee benefits and wellness to our clients.

For example, after rambling through all of my thoughts on a newsletter cover idea for one of our clients, I finally stepped away, referred to my book of notes and envisioned myself seeing the result through their eyes. Focusing on the needs of our clients and what they represent is a crucial part of this process. In the end, it worked out well, and I was able to produce a cover page that was both appealing and pleasing to the client.

Therefore, when you’re trying to find inspiration for a project, mix things up a little, take risks and see what happens. You may be surprised and proud of what you can accomplish. Being creative is there within us all and it may mean something different for all of us. Finding your process to come up with new ideas may take time and energy, but trust that the ability is there.

As a great woman once said…“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
― Maya Angelou


Written by Amy Boulden

Amy works as a benefits communications specialist. Her creative background in graphic design has allowed her to create a library of client communications. Amy’s approach is to focus on simple, clear language and relatable graphics to effectively educate employees.

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