How You and Your Communications Strategy Can Steer Clear of a Rut

How You and Your Communications Strategy Can Steer Clear of a Rut

It’s easy to get caught up in powering through the daily grind and eventually find yourself burned out. As your inbox is constantly flooded with daily reminders to attend a meeting, make a call, or meet a deadline, you may be in need of a different kind of reminder: one to take a step back from it all, consider the big picture and avoid falling into a rut. The world of benefits is complex, constantly changing, and oftentimes controversial. When planning your benefits communications, the same questions often arise: why do/should people care about their benefits? How can we better inform/educate them about their benefits? However, the answers and strategies should be evolving along with the industry.

In order to be at your best–whether that’s for yourself, your job, or your employees–switch things up for the sake of creativity, innovation and effectiveness in your employee benefits communications.  A refreshed mind and a change in pace will yield results both personally and professionally.

Here are a few simple ways to help yourself and your benefits communications avoid a rut:

Unplug. All of it. Turn off your phone, television, laptop, radio, etc. Don’t panic – I’m not suggesting a week long blackout…just an hour away from multimedia can do the trick. Let your mind wander without the prompting of a Twitter hash tag or recent Facebook post, and see where it takes you. Some of the best ideas are born when you least expect it.

Work it out. Take advantage of the summer weather and take walk, go for a jog or hop on a bike for an hour. This gives you time with your thoughts and releases endorphins to refresh your attitude and ideas. Added bonus: a healthy cardio boost!

Switch up your setting. Whether you have a team of two or 25, get your co-workers together for a brainstorming session. Try something unstructured, allowing conversations and ideas to flow free from an agenda. Take a break from the typical boardroom setting and book an offsite venue or meet over lunch down the street from the office to switch things up.

Written by Tarin Dooley

Trion Communications