Communications Innovation: Old Problems, New Solutions

Communications Innovation: Old Problems, New Solutions

It’s been said that there’s nothing new under the sun. Not precisely true; in 2007 no one had ever seen anything remotely like an iPhone before. While it’s true that it was a telephone at its heart, it was so revolutionary in its execution that it almost had to be called New.

So if you take an old concept, turn it on its head so that it is virtually unrecognizable, is that then New?

What if you attack age-old problems with the kind of innovative thinking that produces concepts like the iPhone, like the original Star Wars, like the Tesla Model S, like the Beatles? Will you produce results that revolutionize the industry?

You bet.

And that’s what we’re trying for here at Trion’s Communications Practice. Our problem itself isn’t new—how do we get our clients’ employees to pay attention to their benefits communications—but our thinking is. Our Practice Leader, Jill Murray, makes it clear that nothing is off limits. We’re constantly exploring new possibilities for communications channels, messages, delivery methods, promotional opportunities, new ways to wow our clients and those we ultimately serve – the employees.

And it’s starting to pay off. We’ve been winning a constant stream of awards for our work, most recently for one of our Brainsharks (a type of video). Our clients continually report that our communications get results: Higher enrollment numbers, better adoption of consumer-driven plans, more flu shots and other preventive measures, etc. And clients are starting to see the real value that a dedicated communications team can bring to the table.

And we’re not done by a long shot. We’re going to continue to innovate, to revolutionize, to look relentlessly for the New. We will carefully examine our audiences, capture data, analyze and interpret, and extrapolate the most effective channels for the most dramatic results. But we will also employ that reach-for-the-skies thinking that ultimately results in revolutionary execution.

Written by Stephen Trimble

Stephen is an experienced communications professional with a background in educational and internal communications. He is most excited by transforming complex and obscure subject matter into compelling content that readers are motivated by and can truly understand.

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