The Comfort of a Good Work Environment

The Comfort of a Good Work Environment

Comfort food is a staple in our society. We know it as the food our parents and grandparents cook. It’s the recipes that have been passed down for generations. The time and the love that is put into it is what makes comfort food so special. Even when you’re not at Mom’s or Grandma’s, comfort food isn’t too difficult to find. It’s similar but never the same.

Growing up in my household, everyone one was on different schedules. My mom works in the city at a law firm and would be there some days for more than 12 hours. My stepdad works for Septa (Philadelphia’s public transit system), so he gets up at 2 a.m., is home by 4 p.m., and is in bed asleep by 6:30 p.m. As a result, I relied on myself to cook dinner on many weekday nights. Saturdays were usually hectic as well, because all the house chores and errands had to be done.

Sunday, however, was our day as a family. My mom would cook and invite my family over to join us. She would pull out her grandmother’s old cookbook and find the perfect comfort food to make for that season.

Finding the right work environment is like finding the perfect comfort food. The people you work with are like the ingredients — if they don’t mix well together your meal won’t taste right. The communication between your team is the bowl you mix all the ingredients together in. If the bowl has a crack things are going to leak through.

The office you work in is your kitchen. If it’s dirty and unorganized, nothing will get done correctly. Mistakes will be made. The understanding and helpfulness you offer is the oven, stove or grill you cook your comfort food with. They provide the last step to ensure your comfort food will be cooked properly and ready to eat.

Like a harmonious work environment, comfort food recipes can take some trial and error to get just right. But once you find the right mix, everything seems to flow. There’s less stress, better interpersonal interactions, and everyone goes home happy.

Written by Trion Interns

Trion Communications