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Educating Employees About Their Benefits: A Six-Step Approach

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) changing the game—and benefits representing approximately one-third of a company’s total compensation spending—it’s never been more important to help employees understand their benefits.Unfortunately, almost half of all employees don’t understand their benefit options and don’t feel confident when making their annual elections. Half waste money they could be saving because of mistakes made during the process of enrolling, and almost 90 percent simply elect the same benefits every year—whether they make sense for their situations and budgets. Or not.

This is a problem for employers and research bears that out. Recent statistics overwhelmingly show that poor employee benefits communications (or worse yet, lack thereof), can diminish productivity, morale, recruitment, retention, satisfaction, and increase healthcare costs across the board. All the more reason to get clear on what it takes to communicate effectively. That’s where our white paper comes in. It will give you solid tips for implementing communications best practices in your organization. Download it now and get in touch if you need support. We look forward to hearing from you!

Five Ways to Promote Consumerism Through Communications

As consumerism becomes increasingly prevalent in health care, employers are scrambling to keep employees informed and help them to adopt a consumer mindset when it comes to their benefits. Yet employees have been slow to embrace the concept. In fact, current research shows that nearly one-third of insured Americans are uncomfortable with what they know about their benefits and how to navigate the health care system.

Further evaluation traces the problem back to one thing: poor employee education. The role of consumerism in health care is simply not being communicated effectively, leaving employees feeling confused and employers feeling frustrated.

Unfortunately, many employers lack the time, resources, and expertise necessary to create or update their communications strategies. That’s where this white paper can help. It provides five tips to help you guide your employees on the path to becoming savvy health care consumers. Download it now and get in touch if you need support. We look forward to hearing from you!